Most of today’s workwear originate from traditional, classic clothes that were designed, refined, and manufactured based on clothes historically worn by workers and artisans. It’s a natural, evolutionary process that makes products suitable for their intended purposes.
How? Through experience and natural development – but this is constraining.

That is why we don’t make workwear. We selected another path. Instead of starting from existing models, we stepped toward the future and approached the process with a needs-driven perspective. We’re free to create whatever we wish in the Monitor design lab.

We’re not obligated to stick to traditional patterns, mandatory procedures, and styles. That said, we never disregard extensive experience and expertise when it comes to classic manufacturing processes and work clothes development. We cherry pick and apply appropriate principles – and we disregard everything else – to provide space for creative thinking that enables development of garments, which perform well for tomorrow’s workers and artisans. Persons who value design, functionality, and uniqueness. These words capture the essence of Monitor’s work clothes: intelligent elegance, sophisticated simplicity, and free functionality.

The expression in the garments signals performance, innovative thinking, and fashion. Those who wear the garments should be proud, feel chosen, and be assured that the garments work optimally. Here, the old device fits: Function goes hand-in-hand with design.

Clear design language that strives to have simple but sophisticated cuts.
Design that sticks out in the crowd – with a clear message from the sender.

Work tasks determined requirements. Sports contributed functionality. Fashion inspired design.

Our target group are the workers who build the future.
They will need updated garments.
Not a jacket inspired by a blue uniform from 1887.